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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Peanut Laddoos/Balls – a two ingredient power packed snack

Peanut Laddoos3

Do you worry about what you or your kids snack on? When you reach out to the fridge or the cupboard wondering what could provide you that much needed energy boost after a hard day at work, finally giving in to the temptation and picking up that candy bar or tearing open that bag of chips. Minutes later of having chomped down that candy bar, feeling guilty about your snack choice? That has surely happened to me. Sure, a banana would have been a much healthier choice, but at times I am too hungry to settle for a banana and need something more `solid` than that, if you know what I mean.
These peanut laddoos might just be the answer to that. All you need are peanuts and some jaggery.
…..Now I am wondering if this post has started to sound like a commercial on peanut laddoos! I hope not.
Anywho..back in childhood my mother made these on Sankashti (the auspiscious day in the Hindu calendar of offering prayers to Lord Ganesha)..Now I no longer follow Sankashti, but use these laddoos to satisfy our snack cravings at times.

Peanut Laddoos2

Peanut Laddoos4

Peanut Laddoos

Sharing this with MLLA 58 being hosted by Claire of Chez Cayenne. MLLA was originally started by Susan of The| Well Seasoned Cook. Lisa has now taken over the responsibility from Susan.

Peanut Laddoos 

Yield – about 12 depending on the size of the laddoos

Things you need -

1 cup plain peanuts, unsalted
half cup powdered jaggery

Method -

1. Roast the peanuts of low-medium flame until brown spots start to appear on them. You can leave the skin as it is. No need to peel it off. This does not affect the taste at all.
2. Grind the peanuts along with the jaggery in a blender or mixer until a fine powder is formed.
3. Now use your hands(of course clean hands) to form small balls/laddoos of truffle like size. To do this, take some of the mixture and clump it using your inner palm, applying pressure. Sorry I don't have any pictures of how this is done. If you are new to making laddoos, the last 3 steps in this pictorial do a good job.
4. Do not resist the urge to snack on them immediately! Enjoy!

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  1. Sometimes the simplest snacks are the best. These look delicious! Thanks for sending them to MLLA.


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