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Monday, May 6, 2013

Dill And Lentil Rice

Dill and Lentil rice 5

Last week has been rough. That explains why I haven't been able to post any recipes last week.
Both the kids were sick at the same time. That's something any mother dreads. Seeing your little ones suffer is the hardest thing for a mother. When my kids are sick my mind just switches off. I am unable to concentrate on anything. Chores are the last thing on my mind. But things need to get done. So you drag yourself somehow and do what it takes to keep the house running. A great relief is that my husbands workplace is hardly half a mile from our home. Yep…now that's sure a luxury. (Something that made me super jealous while I had to commute for an hour). So he hopped in during lunch break to help me out. Reassuring calls from our parents back in India helped us get through the rough week and it is relieving to see the kids back on their feet.

Dill and Lentil rice 3


Dill and Lentil rice 4

On such situations one pot meals come to the rescue to tired and sleep deprived parents. This comforting meal with rice, lentils and greens all thrown in together and takes less than half an hour to get it to the table. 

Dill and Lentil rice 10

Dill and Lentil rice 8

Dill and Lentil Rice

Yield - Serves 2-3

Things you need -

1 cup rice
half cup green lentils
a bunch of dill leaves, washed and chopped coarsely. I like to use the stem as well. You can discard it if you like
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 small red onion, sliced
2 cups water to cook rice
1.5 cups vegetable stock
1 tbsp vegetable oil
some pepper, crushed
chilli flakes, as per taste/tolerance
salt as per taste
1 tbsp lemon juice
peanuts, roasted, for garnish, optional
lemon wedges, for garnish, optional

How I made it -

1. Cook the lentils in vegetable stock as per manufacturers instructions. Take care that they dont turn mushy. Season with salt and keep aside. It took me 15 minutes. Avoid using a pressure cooker as the lentils will turn mushy.
2. Meanwhile cook the rice with 2 cups of water.
3. Heat oil in a vessel. Add the minced garlic, onions, dill and stir for a minute.
4. Add the cooked lentils, pepper powder and combine well.
5. Add the cooked rice and salt. Take care while adding salt.  Remember there is already some salt in the lentils from step 1.
6. Add the lemon juice and mix well.
7. Garnish with chilli flakes and roasted peanuts. Serve hot.

Notes -

I highly reccomend adding the roasted peanuts. They provide a delightful texture to the rice.
I used green lentils. You could also use red lentils

This is my entry for this months MLLA being hosted at Sizzling Tastebuds. MLLA has been run for several years by Susan and Lisa is now taking care of it.


  1. I love dill, lentils, and rice, so this is a win in my book : )

  2. I actually made a very similar Lebanese rice this past weekend.

    I hope your little ones are back to their normal self. I know how hard it is when they are not feeling well.

  3. Yum! My husband is Turkish and we make something similar using lima beans. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have been wanting to try out dill lately. For some reason its sweet and tangy taste has been appealing to me. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. This sounds delicious. But where or when does the dill enter the scene? Is it just added at the end with the garnishes? Thanks.

    1. Hi Amanda, Thanks for pointing that out. I have now corrected it. It is added after adding the garlic and onions.


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