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Friday, January 25, 2013

Broccoli Tofu stir fried rice

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I love one pot meals, especially on weekdays or for those busy days when you just don't have the time to squeeze in an elaborate meal. We love broccoli and tofu, even more so. But when it comes to rice, my 3 year old he is not keen. So this stir fried rice is a good way to lure him into eating rice.
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Broccoli Tofu stir fried rice

Yield – Serves 4

1 medium head of broccoli, cleaned and cut as long stem florets
200 gms firm tofu cut into slices or triangles around 1 inch wide
1.5 cups or 200 gms basmati rice or long grained rice washed, soaked in cold water for 15 minutes, cooked with half teaspoon of salt
2 tbsp sesame oil
4 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp brown sugar
4 cloves of garlic minced
1 tsp grated ginger
salt as per taste
1 tsp chilli flakes or chilli sauce. This makes it just moderately spicy. Use more if you like it more spicy.
2 - 3 tbsp vegetable oil for frying tofu

For the tofu marinade
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tsp pepper powdered or crushed
a pinch of salt


1. Cook the broccoli florets in enough hot water for 10 minutes until just done. Do not overcook, so that they remain crunchy. Drain the water and give the broccoli a good wash in cold water. This helps them retain the lovely green color.
2. Mix  the mariande ingredients together and marinate the tofu pieces. Chill in fridge for minimum 2 hours.
3. Shallow fry the tofu slices and drain excess oil with tissue. Keep aside.
4. Mix 1 tbsp sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar in a bowl.
5. Heat 1 tbsp sesame oil in a wok or pan on high heat. Once the oil is hot and you the fumes rising, add the broccoli and stir for 1 or 2 minutes.
6. Add the fried tofu and the oil, soy sauce, sugar mixture and mix well.
7. Immediately add the cooked rice and blend well.
8. Add the chilli flakes and remove from heat.

Serve immediately. Enjoy with a warm bowl of soup.

I am sending this entry to VeggieNook for Vegan Fridays.

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  1. Thanks Shruti for this recipe, healthy rice dish.. glad to found your space, Every so called health or "self style" ayurvedic cook fashionably declare milk with salt in baking "tartlets" which according to ayurveda is a toxic combination. Its simple science of breaking of enzymes. Your recipe is our dinner tonight.

    1. Glad u liked it. Do let me know how that turned out!

  2. really pretty looking dish. I was looking for something to make of Tofu. Loved this one.


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