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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quinoa Vegetable Soup


I woke up the other day with sun rays coming across my window. Its quite rare at this time of the year here. You hardly see any daylight until 8 am. It brought a smile on my face. May be spring is just around the corner…I thought. May be I don't have to put on 4 layers of clothing and on the 2 lil ones before we head for a walk. May be I can finally have more daylight making it easier for me to take photos for the blog..Hmm. Nope. Not yet. That sunny day end with snow fall which then went on for another 2 days. Not that I don't like snow. I love it. But with a touch of sunshine!


But for the lil one, doesn't matter if there is sunshine or not..he is happy with snow. He had fun making snow balls with daddy. He pestered daddy to take him sledging. He rolled around in snow as if it were sand!
As far as I am concerned, it turned out all good. I made quinoa soup :-)


Quinoa Vegetable Soup

Yield - Serves 2

100 gms or approx 1/2 cup Quinoa
1/4 cup Carrots, diced fine
1/4 cup  beans, chopped fine
700 ml or 3 cups vegetable stock or water
Half an Onion, chopped fine
1 clove of garlic, minced fine
2 tsp salt
2 tsp Pepper powder
Few Parsley leaves for garnishing
2 tbsp Cream
1 tsp vegetable oil


1. Roast the quinoa on low-medium heat in a pan. It took me around 5-7 mins. Allow it to cool completely.
2. Grind the quinoa to a fine powder.
3. In a saucepan, heat oil on medium heat and add garlic, onion. Once onions are translucent, add the vegetables and cook for 2-3 mins.
4. Add the vegetable stock, salt and bring it to boil.
5. Now lower the heat and add quinoa powder, little at a time stirring continuously with a whisk or spatula.
6. Simmer for 7-10 mins, stirring frequently to ensure that the quinoa does not settle at the bottom of the pan. If you think, the soup has gotten too thick, add some water to loosen the consistency and boil for another 2 mins.
7. Garnish with cream, pepper and parsley and serve hot.

Linking this to Priyas  event Cooking with Seeds - Quinoa/ Ragi  being hosted by Divya at Divyas Culinary Journey.


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